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Driving Us Forward

Our H‍‍‍‍‍‍eroes

Our website is hosted by the lovely folks at PageCloud.

The beautiful people at the Hamilton Guesthouse provide us with disc‍‍‍ounted studio space from which to create.

The support of the following folks is integral to the success of our film in reaching audiences and telling this important ‍‍‍history.‍‍‍

Cozmic Group‍‍‍ is our m‍‍‍arketing partner and will be instrumen‍‍‍tal in bringing this film to market.

Funding is what makes this film possible. The breadth of the impact of the women in our film requires time, resources and the utmost care in telling their stories. We greatly appreciate all our supporters.

Many thanks to our amazing sponsors:


Focus Professional Services provides‍‍‍ software testing to clients using the strengths of a team comprised primarily of employees with autism.