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We Love What We Do, And This Is Who We Are

HamiltonSeen creates documentary films with a heart.

Our foremost ambition is to create positive change through inspiring media.

Cody Lanktree

Director Cody Lanktree is most inspired by dialogue created by the connection between time, beauty, and our personal truths. In the eight years since HamiltonSeen’s inception, Cody has guided the company from small commercial production to whiteboxing partnerships with major marketing firms, and finally to the creation of documentaries focused on community and larger social issues. His vision is one that will not stop at less than fundamentally changing and challenging perspectives and the world.

Zena Hagerty

Producer Zena Hagerty has a long history of community engagement and involvement in the arts scenes of Hamilton and San Francisco and seeks to further strengthen the human spirit with her work. Zena has broad experience in media, including recording albums, performing her own music, radio broadcasting, graphic design, and many others. As director of Sublimatus as a band, an art gallery, and an entity that inspires the creative spirit within all, Zena honed a skillset that includes the ability to drive and complete large projects with expansive intentions.

Jessica Sovie

Jessica Sovie began as a journalism intern with HamiltonSeen. Jessica provides research, direction, insight, camera operation, and editing skills that are about pure journalism and creating a platform for the public. She is a purebred eccentric, supporter of music and of the arts, and aims to be a champion of the underdog and underrepresented through the use and continuous growth of her skill-set. It's likely that we'll be making Jessica a full partner in HamiltonSeen shortly, but for now I'm just writing it here to see if she actually reads it.