Women's Work

The history of women in computer programming is rich and deep…and, too often obscured.

We are making a film that tells these stories.

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Films cost a load of money to make, particularly well researched and carefully made ones, which is what this subject deserves.

We’re a three-person team. Thus far, we’ve been making lists upon lists, creating graphics, researching, building social media platforms, writing bios, created a website, and have begun shooting promotional material. Hours upon hours of work(weeks, months!) have been given for the love of this project. We’re making the connections that we need to have corporate sponsors and partners (who benefit most from what we’re doing) cover the bulk of the budget, and we need you to show them how eager our audience is to see it, as well as help us move forward without starving. ;)

We create films that create positive change through information, art and maybe a little bit of humour.

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"We may say most aptly that the Analytical Engine weaves algebraical patterns just as the Jacquard loom weaves flowers and leaves." - Lady Ada Lovelace

Lady Ada Lovelace - Biography

Grace Hopper - Biography

Annie Easley - Biography

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Click Here To Support This Film

From the basic premises of the loop function, to sending humanity to the moon, the work done by women in the field of computing has pushed us all forward into the now and into the future. Given the immense disparity in numbers between men and women active in and entering into the field of computing (and STEM fields in general), we believe it is imperative to create a mainstream documentary film that showcases the breadth and depth of the immense female contribution to that which has become the machines that drive our world. In 1984 37% of Computer Science grads were women. Now that number is 18%…and dropping.

Our documentary film is in the pre-production and research stages, and as we’ve gone through the process of learning in-depth the realities of early computing, we are more and more certain that there are fantastically revelatory stories to be told.